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The top quality NVR hammers are made from selected steel and to the highest product specifications. The striking faces are expertly heat treated, finished and then fixed to softer material in order to act as a form of cushion.


These hammer are always fitted with chemically treated and seasoned wood or steel shafted handles. It is ensured that head of a hammer is securely fixed to the handle. These top quality hammers last longer and gives extra safety.



  Always   Never
  • Always select the correct type and size of the hammer
  • Always strike squarely with hammer striking face parallel with surface being struck to avoid glancing blows as well as over and under strikes.
  • Always use when striking other tools (chisel, punch, etc) the striking face of hammer should have a diameter approximately 3/8" larger than the struck face of the tool
  • Never use a hammer when face shows mushrooming, chipping, cracks or excessive wear.
  • Never strike with a side of hammer.
  • Never strike one hammer to another or hatchet.
  • Never use a hammer with loose or damaged handle.
  • Never weld, regrind or reheat treat a hammer




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